Established in 2005 after the massive earthquake in Pakistan, Naya Qadam, a UK registered charity, aims to protect life and dignity of amputees by manufacturing low cost but robust locally produced prosthetics, thus enhancing the local economy. We are committed to providing free limbs to the developing world as well as promoting the recovery and rehabilitation of movement. This enables them to walk as they once did, earn a respectful living to support their families, and to become active participants of their local communities. Our prosthetics limbs have been designed to address the needs of the population, as we understand that agriculture is the primary employment in some countries. These limbs allow the person to squat, walk barefoot and travel across mountainous terrain – matching the rural lifestyle of the amputees. Furthermore, the prosthesis is a low cost and economical alternative to the more expensive and impractical prosthesis. Over 3000 prosthetic limbs have been provided to the disadvantaged so far to date.