Established in 2005, following the Kashmir earthquake that devastated parts of Asia, the Naya Qadam Trust is a non-profit organisation that was set up by Dr. Viquar Qurashi and his team of volunteer doctors working overseas, originally to aid those who were left physically disabled by the disaster. Since then, this charity has grown and played a crucial role for amputees in several other areas of conflict and catastrophe.

Naya Qadam means the ‘Next Step’, which embodies the mind-set of our organisation: encouraging forward thinking, restoring mobility to the disabled, and helping patients lead independent lives and become active, contributing members of their families and communities.

There are 40 million amputees in developing countries worldwide, of whom only 5% have access to a prosthetic limb service. Being physically able is crucial in sustaining the livelihood of an amputee and their family, leading many individuals to resort to begging. Children that are affected have limited access to education and can become marginalised in their society, as well as suffering psychologically.


We provide prosthetic limbs to lower limb amputees in developing countries where these services are not available.

Our work speaks for itself. Naya Qadam’s work for Syrian refugees in Turkey has been recognised and praised by local media in Turkey, including newspaper press Hurriyet. On 12th March 2013, BBC and ITV broadcasted the work that Naya Qadam has done for these Syrian refugees – acknowledging and informing others of our cause and the ethos we maintain: “Committed to providing free limbs to the developing world. The media have also acclaimed the work carried out in Bangladesh, giving it regional, national and international coverage.

The trust is a registered charity based in Islamabad, Pakistan, with a workshop run by a dedicated team of professionals in Sihala, under the support of Pakistan’s National Rural Support Programme, which acts as a partner and sponsor. A mobile workshop covering remote parts of the country ensures that prostheses reaches even the most isolated communities.

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