The Syrian civil war is an ongoing armed conflict in Syria between the Syrian Ba’ath Party government and those seeking to overthrow it. It began in March 2011 when protesters demanding the release of political prisoners were shot dead by security forces. This triggered several months of violent unrest that had spread nationwide. Despite the government’s attempt to quell the tension, conflict continued and over several months, it had escalated into a civil war that still rages today. UN sources have reported that the two year uprising has left 5 million in need of aid.

As the conflict between the oppositions continues, it leaves many dead and many more injured by the ongoing catastrophic events. An estimated 9,000 people have died in the first year and to date, the war’s death toll exceeds over 70,000 – with the monthly death toll having risen to about 5,000 this year, from 1,000 previously in 2011.

With such figures on the increase, as well as requests from Arab doctors working with us at Russells Hall Hospital, Naya Qadam agreed to host a limb fitting camp to help the Syrian refugees. Revisions of our plan were carried out and local fundraising followed. In addition to this, we also performed background work on the patients, who came in contact via a poster circular. The required details, including sex, location, illness and conditions (such as diabetes) etc, were entered into a computer spreadsheet. When the necessary documentation was finalised and approved, the plan for Viquar Qurashi and Ambreena Qurashi to travel to Istanbul and then to Reyhanli went ahead.