There are currently 17 operational filtration units installed by Naya Qadam in Pakistan – they are in the regions of: Naushera, Jampur/Rajanpur, Khaipur, Shikarpur, Muzaffargarh/Gazighatt, Peshawar, Dera Ismail Khan, Azad Kashmir, Pind Dadan Khan, Mingora, Charsaada and Malakand. A few more are upcoming in the province of Sindh.

Many of these are strategically located for easy access to hospitals, schools and various public domains so that they too, along with the local community, can benefit from the clean filtered water. Our filtration units are customised to suit the specific water and soil conditions of the area to provide the best quality possible.

A single Filtration Unit…

  • Produces 2000 litres of clean water per hour
  • Can meet the demand for water for 5000 people
  • Includes components, installation of the unit and the servicing and sampling of the water by professionals for one year.

All components are imported and assembled in Pakistan:

  • Sand filters, charcoal filters and step-down voltage stabilisers from   China
  • Water pumps from Italy
  • UV light to kill bacteria from Holland
  • Standby generator from Japan
  • Tubing, piping and storage unit from Pakistan

Types of Filtration Units Available:

  • Simple filtration
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Simple filtration with arsenic removal
  • Simple filtration with fluoride removal
  • Reverse osmosis

Soil Testing:
Soil and water report carried out in accordance with the Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources. Water testing follows WHO guidelines and measures 21 parameters.

Pricing varies from £5000 for a simple filtration plant to £7500 for a reverse osmosis plant.