Our recent visit to Reyhanli in Turkey saw us use this manufacturing technique to fit limbs to more than 100 people. Furthermore we are pleased to announce that our expedition and voluntary assistance to the refugees has not gone unnoticed. On 12th March 2013, BBC and ITV broadcasted the work that Naya Qadam has done for these Syrian refugees – acknowledging and informing others of our cause.

Dr Viquar Qurashi has perfected a technique to bring low-cost prosthetics to some of the world’s poorest amputees. He makes artificial legs out of drainpipe and has fitted them in Pakistan and Syrian refugee camps. Listen to Complete Broadcast

Viquar Qurashi, who works at the Russell Hall hospital, Dudley has used his technique to fit limbs to more than 100 injured in Syria. Victims of the fighting in Syria have been fitted with artificial legs made from plastic drainpipes by a surgeon from the West Midlands. Viquar Qurashi, who works at the Russells Hall Hospital, Dudley, used his leave to go and work at a refugee camp on the Syrian border. Watch Complete Broadcast

A surgeon from Russells Hall Hospital in Dudley has returned from Syria where he’s been fitting prosthetic limbs to over a hundred people, made from melted down drainpipes. They’re not as advanced as ones available here but they are a fraction of the cost and Viquar Qurashi says they’re helping to change peoples’ lives. Watch Complete Broadcast

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